10 Top tips for passing your driving test Back

10 Top tips for passing your driving test

At Hotwheelz Driving School, Wirral, we've taken the time to put together our top 10 tips to help you pass your driving test...

  1. Practice and get lots of experience!
  2. Get to know the area where you will be taking your test
  3. Take the test in the car you drive regularly so you are familiar with the controls
  4. Think positive and stay calm
  5. Keep focused  and concentrate on what's going on around you
  6. Be ready for the unexpected , plan ahead and be aware
  7. Make sure if you don't understand what the examiner has said don't be afraid to ask him to repeat it
  8. Don't change the way you drive just for test , drive as you normally would
  9. Avoid common mistakes: ie not checking mirrors enough or inadequate observations on your manoeuvres or when moving off
  10. Relax: Its normal to feel nervous about taking your test. On the lesson before your test your instructor will help to calm you down and make you feel more comfortable