Hotwheelz School of Motoring offers professional driving lessons in Wirral. If you seek driving lessons in Wirral, then look no further. At Hotwheelz, our record in helping our clients achieve a first-time pass rate is outstanding. Over the last decade, our business has expanded solely on reputation, this is largely due to the number of our students’ passing their driving test on the first sitting.

At Hotwheelz, we aim to build up your confidence in a friendly, calm environment. This will ensure you obtain the necessary skills to pass your test first time around. This approach ensures you are not caught in the ‘revolving doors’ that’s all too common when students continuously fail their driving test.

All driving lessons are fully tailored to your needs. We try to make lessons challenging but fun. Important concepts are described in easy-to-understand language and we ensure all technical knowledge required to pass first time is fully imprinted in your brain before your practical test approaches.

Why take driving lessons in Wirral?

Learning to drive is well worth the effort. Once you've passed, you've gained a skill for life. Learning to drive gives you independence and also improves your job prospects. You essentially gain the freedom to travel where and when your heart desires.

Whilst public transport is important, this really does not offer the same level of advantages offered by owning your own car. If you live in a rural or other remote region of the Wirral, having a car is usually prerequisite to your very survival! Being able to drive also means you do not need to rely on others in getting from one part of the Wirral to another.

Driving lesson legal requirement

In order to begin your driving lessons, you must hold a valid provisional driving licence at be at least 17 years of age. Once a provisional licence is granted, you may then drive on all roads except for motorways. However, you must be supervised at all times by either your driving instructor or someone else who holds a valid driving licence. You must also display the 'L' plate whilst you drive with a provisional driving licence.

Do you need a provisional licence?

You must apply for and obtain a provisional licence before you book your first driving lesson in Wirral. You apply for this through the DVLA. You can click here to make your application for your provisional licence. You will need to pay £50 to obtain your provisional licence. If you are 16 years old, you may apply for your provisional licence three months before your 17th birthday. Doing so ensures you may begin your driving lessons as soon as you are legally old enough to do so.

Have you passed your theory test?

You must sit two exams to pass your theory test. This includes the hazard perception test and the theory test. You cannot apply for your practical test until the hazard perception and the theory test have been completed. You can book your driving theory test by clicking here.

What are refresher driving lessons?

Refresher driving lessons are offered in Wirral at Hotwheelz Driving School. Refresher lessons are popular amongst people who have passed their driving test but who may not have driven for several years. Refresher lessons are also popular amongst people who have recently passed their driving test but they now feel they need additional lessons in order to build up their confidence. Our refresher driving lessons in Wirral cost £25 per lesson. You may also benefit from savings when you block book refresher lessons.

What to expect during your first driving lesson in Wirral?

Before you begin your first lesson, it's important for you to fully recharge your battery by getting plenty of sleep. You should ensure you eat enough food so you are not hungry whilst you take your lesson. Ensure you wear firm and non-slippery shoes and ensure you wear your glasses or contact lenses if prescribed.

During your first lesson, an instructor will carry out the so-called 'cockpit drill'. This is often abbreviated to DSSSM:

  • Doors securely closed?
  • Seat in a comfortable position?
  • Steering position established?
  • Seatbelts on?
  • Mirrors adjusted?

You instructor will then talk you through the workings of the brakes, the accelerator and the clutch. You will learn how to operate the handbrake, how to change gears and how to use the indicator.

Once this vital driving knowledge is imparted, you will then begin to drive around in Wirral. You will be taught to move off steadily and how to change gears as your speed begins to increase. You will be taught basic clutch control, and you will be taught how to use your mirrors. You will also learn about the 'blind spot'. Finally, you will be shown how to stop the car using the brakes and how to park the car alongside the curb.

What's the average number of driving lessons to pass?

This is perhaps the most common question we hear from our clients at Hotwheelz School of Motoring. Whilst there exists no limit to the number of lessons you take, you probably want to pass your driving test as soon as possible.

Generally, you want to take enough lessons to ensure you are properly prepared for your practical test. If you apply for your practical test too soon, you are likely to fail. The DVLA states the average number of lessons required for a first time pass is 42. Some of your will require more lessons than this and some of you will require less than this number.

What price are driving lessons?

At Hotwheelz School of Motoring, we charge £25 for a single lesson. You can save money by block booking your lessons. It costs £120 for 5 lessons and £240 for 10 lessons.

Driving lessons for a manual transmission car

At Hotwheelz School of Motoring, we offer manual driving lessons. We do not offer automatic driving lessons at present. Choosing to pass your driving test in a manual transmission vehicle has many benefits over passing in an automatic vehicle. When you pass with a manual vehicle, you are then permitted to drive a manual and an automatic vehicle.

If you pass your test in an automatic vehicle, you are not permitted to then drive around in a manual vehicle. Passing your test in an automatic vehicle thus significantly reduces your choice of vehicle you may purchase or rent in the future.

Where to book driving lessons

If you are ready to book driving lessons in Wirral, contact Hotwheelz School of Motoring today on 0773 744 5611. Alternatively, you can contact us through this website by clicking here.

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