Money Back Guarantee

Once the pupil has completed the first lesson if they are not completely satisfied the pupil is eligible for a refund of the lesson taken. If a block of lessons have been pre paid for the person loses any special offer and the money returned is the cost of lessons taken at full rate less the total price paid.  Hotwheelz Driving School will then refund the money within 7 days by either cash or bank transfer.

Pass Promise

 If the pupil is unlucky enough to fail at the first attempt Hotwheelz Driving School will pay for a second test as long as the pupil has adhered to the following rules: 

  1. Pupils must have taken a minimum of 30 hours.
  2. Lessons must be taken as a double lesson on a weekly basis. (More lessons per week can be taken  if    the pupil requires to pass quicker) 
  3. No more than 2 weeks to be missed by the pupil unless this has been pre arranged with the driving instructor.
  4. Pupils must take all tests with our driving school and have a minimum of 6 hours of remedial lessons.
  5. Learners record card must be fully completed.
  6. Test to be booked with permission of the Approved Driving Instructor.
  7. A Mock test to be taken and passed by Ex Examiner Ted Jones that recently tested candidates at the Upton and Wallasey Test Centre for the last 22 years. Ted will then advise both driving instructor and pupil as to what standard has been obtained.


Driving Licence Warranty

Once the pupil has passed their practical driving test Hotwheelz Driving School will start the two year Guarantee as long as the pupil has carried out at least 10 hours with the school. The pupil will be entitled to two hours of refresher lessons from the day that they obtain their full licence within the first year and an additional 2 hours within the second year. The pupil should contact their Driving instructor direst to arrange a suitable time to carry out the lessons and the lessons should be taken in their own car. 

Hours cannot be sold, transferred, exchanged, used as a pass plus or motorway lessons.

Lesson will need to be in the pupil’s fuelled and road legal car.